"Ms. Sparks invests her performance with a rawness that is by turns volatile, sexual and, ultimately, vulnerable."

-Gia Kourlas, New York Times


"Particularly magical is the always impressive Tori Sparks...a force to be reckoned with."

-Rachel Kerry, New York Theater Review


"Lady Macbeth...fiercely embodied by Tori Sparks."

-Carl Kelsch, Slant Magazine


"The Mother...played vivaciously by Tori Sparks."

-Michael Block, Theater in the Now


"Seven of today's best modern dancers."

"Tori Sparks is a rock star of sorts in the contemporary dance world. Her work will quiet your thoughts,

allowing a flood of emotions to have their way with you. It is mysterious and sly, or joyful and smiley.

Either way, it is damn potent."

-Steven Psyllos, TRACE Magazine & Blog